Star Road Japan visit

Being a jdm fanatic and fan of “old skool” cars from japan for many years, star road has been a dream visit for me for a long time. Back in 2010 on my first visit to japan i managed to see some of their builds in person at the TAS. So getting a 2nd chance to not just see some of their creations but visit them was great. Was after an awkward and disappointing visit to another major skyline builder i nearly didn’t visit star road for fear of an unwanted reception. But my god am i glad i did.


Based in central tokyo its about 1.20 or a little more via 3 trains. And about a 15 20 min walk. Google maps is good but not great. i did walk around it for a while as its based in a more neighborhood area.  star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04959

Creeping around the corner i gave a wave to the first mechanic that caught my approach. He waved back and called out, out arrived Shoji(the owner) from behind the green kgc10 . Very little english to japanese between the two of us, but showing him my skyline we were away.



Asked to look round the shop and if ok to take a few pictures and he was more than happy to oblige. Walked and talked me around the shop showing me all the builds. with the help of google translate and the obvious English name for certain parts i found out the spec of most of the builds that were going

Bare in mind this was the eve of the tokyo auto salon, in which star road were showing 3 cars that were currently being built up while i was there. These boys really pulled it of the bag as they were all at the show and looking amazing.


Shoji talked me through the specs and fitments of their Glow star wheels. These look even better in the metal. the new 2017 colored dishes looked amazing. We talked about my 12js and the reasons he felt id be better off running 10js with custom neg offsets. the wheels here from memory were 10j -6o odd fitment, which are some new sizes offered in 2017 and still have room for rear caliper setups. star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04982

The orange fairlady was being prepped for TAS and i was allowed to sit in for a drool and even started it up for me to rev the 3.1l , its revs incredibly fast. star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04983

This kgc10 (in bozo guise) was in for a full respray and replacing the current flares with star road green carbon arches. star road suspension incl custom modified rear setup for allowing full adjustment. Also being mocked up for a pre production star road manifold.  star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04985star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04986star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04987

To top my trip to star road off, in a mix up in translation, i asked to take another few pictures before i leave the lads back to work, my hand gestures seem to signal ” any chance of a spin” because the blue lady was fired up and off we went for a spin. This thing is an animal, violent acceleration rated at 380ps on a 3.2l , sounded epic and surprisingly seemed an easy car to drive. Nice stiff but comfortable suspension, partially stripped interior but all correct and in pristine condition. I was speechless !star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04991star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04992

I could have rooted away here for hours, but had to suffice with just buying a shirt and a few freebies he throw in. I always like to buy clothing at these independent garages just to show some support. There a dying art. star-road-jp-hellis4heroesdsc04993

just a side note as to how nice the gang here at star road was, they even got me a lift back to the train station. Japan is a special place, and the comradery between car enthusiasts is incredible.


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