Cars and Coffee Lim July 2015

Another quality day at cars and coffee limerick – pity my camera wasn’t playing ball, with focusing problems again. but anyways heres a few pics from the day .

c & C july 2015IMG_0296

c & C july 2015IMG_0297

c & C july 2015IMG_0303

c & C july 2015IMG_0294

c & C july 2015IMG_0299

c & C july 2015IMG_0300

c & C july 2015IMG_0301

c & C july 2015IMG_0302

c & C july 2015IMG_0304

c & C july 2015IMG_0305

c & C july 2015IMG_0306

c & C july 2015IMG_0308

c & C july 2015IMG_0309

c & C july 2015IMG_0310

c & C july 2015IMG_0311

c & C july 2015IMG_0295

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