Cars and Coffee Lim June 2015

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0202

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0227

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0240

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0247

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0249

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0250

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0219

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C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0234

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0251

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0200

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0204

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0213

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0214

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0216

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0217

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0218

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0220

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0222

C&C June hellis4heroesIMG_0223

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