So … Vaughn Gitten Jr is coming to Ireland // Gatebil

…. And bringing the Awesome European Stang !! Heres a few to wet the appetite , Gas man is VGJ , with his antics over at Gatebil especially giving us a spin back to our camper on his golf kart 🙂 .

Going to be some weekend at IDC Rd.5 , not to be missed .

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5780-417

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5719-356

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5720-357

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5722-359

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5725-362

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5777-414

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5971-607

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_6039-675

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_5727-364

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_6044-680

Gatebil-2014 Hellis4Heroes.comIMG_6257-893

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