Cars and Coffee 06-13-2013

Pretty good turnout for an October Cars and Coffee , the weather was pretty miserable at times , but the buzz was good about. Nice turnout from the Japanese side of things which is a stark contrast to the lads with their Mg’s, mercs and Porsches which regularly attend . Nice to see the variety thats hidden around the county.

Only got a few shots , was busy talking crap.

Phils awesome S14 , gotta give it to him , this s14 sure does have presence .

Chawkies little rotor.

Sweet little s14 here, had a good aul chin wag with the owner .

Kensters rx8 , regular on irish rotary and the C&C meets.

Rotarys were out in force today , sarahs spotless 8 here.

Cant beat american muscle , seen this outside the VRT office recently by chance , felt the mans pain heading in there, ive been there before and its not nice đŸ™‚ . but the car is though.

Few more >

Brevs Koukis S14 – have a few more shots of this just below .

Serious dishu.

^^ This guys a hero đŸ™‚

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